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Giving Tree's 12 year Anniversary!

December 23rd, 2011 we began The Giving Tree Ministry to freely give to our community in Taos and surrounding areas. Over the years we have witnessed God meet people's needs. One of our first days open, a single, young mother came looking for help. She was about to give birth to a baby boy and had no family or means to get clothes or necessities for the baby. We didn't have anything at the time to help, but got her info. The very next day a precious woman from a local church donated a bassinet filled with baby boy clothing, blankets and supplies. We were amazed with how God met her need and then some. We got to witness firsthand the love and provision He had for this young lady and how He placed it on another woman's heart to meet the need in perfect timing. And since that beginning and throughout these years we have seen this happen again and again.

Just earlier this week God unexpectedly supplied a semi-truck filled with turkeys, produce, and goodies. And that is how He loves and provides for His children! We are always amazed to watch it happen each and every time!

We're so thankful to begin our 11th year of ministry today and continue serving God and blessing others! Extra special gratitude to each and every person, volunteer, non profit, business, church, ministry that has given over the years to make what we do possible. Together we show the love of God towards one another and there is nothing sweeter! Yahweh bless you all infinitely!

If you'd like to give a donation of gently used clothing, household items, electronics etc. we are open weekly at our new location, Wednesday to Friday 12:30 to 2:30p. You can also give financially at click "donate" button. Give and it shall be given!


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