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At Taos HOPE we believe that HOPE is cultivated first in a person's heart, and that then extends out into the community. Many people find themselves in difficult situations, whether it be financial or health-related issues, some suffer physical handicaps, sickness, or mental health issues, others have experienced abuse or addiction. We seek to meet the needs of those in need our community of Taos, through clothing those in need and feeding those who are hungry. When people feel cared for, there is a tremendous sense of uplifting, of support, even the slightest bit of CARE can change a person's outlook, and plant a seed of HOPE within them. We believe in caring for people’s physical needs, and also ministering to their spiritual needs. We offer prayer, support, and the good news of Yahshua (Salvation) that is apparent through love in action. The Giving Tree has been in operation since December 2011, and we currently serve over 1,814 households, that’s 5,002 individuals in Taos County. 

In April 2019 Taos HOPE - House of Prayer of Everyday was launched as a daily prayer initiative - cultivating an atmosphere of prayer and worship to humbly seek God's Supernatural touch every day. From addiction to abuse, sickness to financial needs - many are facing monumental issues in these times. We have a heart of intercession for our community, nation, and the globe - that the Holy Spirit might be released in great measure and impact and transform lives! 

The Giving Tree

- All volunteer Run

- Clothing Bank

- Food Pantry

- Diaper Program

- Recycle, Share, and Give

- Free Ecomony

Yahshua's HOPE - House of Prayer Everyday (Taos)
- Prayer and worship daily Morning, Noon, Night 
- Cultivating an atmosphere welcoming the Holy Spirit
- Prayer Room
- Podcast posted online

- Gathering New Moons, and Biblical Feast Days (see events)

Missions: Local, National, Global

- Birthing Revival on Route 66 - Chicago to LA

- Port to Port, All for One. LA to NYC

Yahshua's HOPE Pakistan - Bible School in Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

- Yahshua's HOPE Kenya - Home and Bible School for Orphaned Children

- Charity Centre NGO Feeding Orphans in Kenya, Africa

- India - Feeding Orphan Children

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