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Pesach Sheni (Second Passover)

Join us for a powerful evening of worship and feasting celebrating Pesach Sheni aka the Second, Mini Passover at Taos HOPE. Blessed Yahweh, who gives mercy and second chances! Pesach Sheni was first instituted when some who been in contact with a corpse were not cleansed in time for Passover. God allowed them to celebrate passover in the 2nd month alternatively. (Numbers 9)

King Hezekiah also celebrated Pesach Sheni when he brought reformation to the land, cleansed the Temple, removed the idols, and began to restore true worship in Israel. There was not enough priests ready to celebrate it and get the word out in the first month so they had it in the second month. (2 Chronicles 30)

Praise Yahweh for second chances and for His precious gift of life that He offers us, to come to his table laden with the blood of his Son and the bread of his sacrifice, Yahshua the lamb the slain, that cleanses us once and for all. Amen!

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