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Taos HOPE Launch

We just returned from Azusa early this morning, the birthplace of the greatest revival our nation has ever seen. Where healing, transformation, and the presence of God was palpable and moving daily. I believe we are in a pivotal moment in history, where again, People are crying out for something tangible, something real, and powerful. For God's mighty hand to move and intervene in our lives in great measure. From addiction, disease, wars, racism, death, abuse, hunger - this nation needs a shift and we are calling out for it in our lives, in our families, and communities. In January, February, and March, we joined in unity across the Nation to Fast and Pray - seek God. It was during these times that this strategy came: Beginning on Passover, Pesach April 19th, we launch Taos HOPE, House of Prayer Everyday. Where all are welcome to come emerce in an atmosphere of prayer daily - morning, noon, and evening at 9a, 12p, 3p and continuing for 9 months thru til December 21st, Hanukkah. We will gather together in humility, with a hunger for the ONE that has the power to shift every heart - any situation, burden, sickness, addiction in our communities, nation and globe. We are believing for a Supernatural move of the Spirit to be released daily into our lives. Not by my, not by power, but by His Spirit. God's house was intended to be a house of prayer for the nations and yet it had become a marketplace, a place of buying and selling. Yahshua was angered by this because people had lost touch with the original intent of Yahweh’s temple, a place to encounter His Presence, Glory and Power. Now is our time to come back to the heart of worship, to worship both in Spirit and in Truth. Returning to a place of sincere hungering for God's presence above all else, above man's ways, schedules, success, position, and titles - where church has become more of an industry, about profit margins and marketing, rather than a place of encounter. I realize that many of you aren't in the Taos area to join in person, and so we invite you synchronize in prayer, at any of these times daily 9a, 12p, 3p beginning April 19th, from wherever you are...May we UNITE in the Spirit across the GLOBE! LORD make US a House of Prayer! Let the fire on our altars never burn out! AMEN!

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