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Call to Fast and Pray

A CALL to PRAY and FAST:: Will you join with us beginning on Wednesday January 30th at sundown til Thursday January 31st at 6p, in a time of fasting and prayer from wherever you are? Fasting would entail a time of depriving the physical body of food, to attune greater to the Spirit. We will synchronize our hearts, specifically in prayer at the end of the fast on Thursday from 4-6pm. And for the last half hour, we will join together in prayer via FB live during regular Bible Study time, 5:30-6p. If you will commit to joining in fasting and prayer please reply “YES” in the comments below.When we face monumental circumstance, the vast suffering, we know that only God can save, heal, deliver. When we come humbly, in fasting, in prayer, repentant, broken, needy, poor, He hears our cries and intervenes. As we fast, it will be a time of weeping on behalf of our earth, families, communities, nation, and world. A time to position our hearts to seek the heart of God, seek His will, way, and purpose for our lives. We cry out in times of great upheavals, distress, in crisis, God we need your help! Let your Holy Spirit touch our hearts, cleanse out the darkness, the shame, the guilt, the hurts, restore & cleanse our lives, and revive our lands. Show us how to walk as you intended, in communion with you and one another, in love, in health, abundance, life, freedom. Help us, that we would live, not for our own selfish pleasures, gain, while harming others, but in authentic surrender. Let your Kingdom come and may your will to be done in Jesus, Yahshua’s Name AMEN!!

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