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A Call to Prayer

Excited to Come together on Thursday, August 16th, as Leaders/Pastors/Intercessors from around New Mexico, Texas, People of Taos Pueblo and Taos will gather in a Call to Prayer on behalf of Taos Pueblo, our State of NM, the Nation and Globe. We are called to stand and so we will unite and stand together in prayer for the people, our loved ones, for healing, reconciliation, deliverance, and freedom! Our home is on Taos Pueblo, we will pray from 6-8p, and then eat 8-9p. We welcome Nicole Leduc - TOFY Leader/Intercessor, Rebecca Chavez - Executive Director of Deborah The Brave Ministries, Charlie Rendon Men's Ministry Leader of Good News Christian Fellowship, Mark Gonzales - Founder of Hispanic Action Network, and Pastor Benny Romero of Taos Pueblo - First Indian Baptist Church Taos. We will Synchronize in prayer at 7p MST on facebook live for those that will not be with us in person, but will join us in the Spirit in a UNITED PRAYER across the US! Thank you for all those that are choosing to stand, to rise UP in this TIME! Now more than ever, our united prayers are needed to shift the atmospheres of our lands, may we humble our hearts, and call out together for a mighty MOVE of GOD's Spirit to touch our lives, communities, nation, and world! AMEN!!! Inbox for directions or call 505.980.3387

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